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Ocean’s Symphony – 36” x 48” acrylic on canvas.


This painting and my other newer under water paintings I’m currently working on were inspired by several things … Climate Change and the Native American slogan “Water is Life”…that we and ocean life depend on clean/ healthy water for survival… “The shape of water” movie imagery….And my concern for our local Orca families and their struggles.
But I think it was ofter listening to The ¬†Seattle Symphony Orchestra’s ‘Become Ocean’ ¬†that my ideas for a new series of under water paintings came into focus, I visualized several of my future paintings as i listened to that wonderful music
(Conducted by Ludovic Morlot /Composer John Luther Adams. )

Later read Adams, from Alaska, had said, “As I composed Become Ocean, I had in my mind and my heart this image of the melting of polar ice and the rising of the seas. All life on this Earth emerged from the ocean. If we don’t wake up and pay attention here pretty soon, we human animals may find ourselves once again becoming ocean sooner than we imagine”

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