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‘Fiddler on the Roof’ – 36” x 48” Mixed Medium (metallic and acrylic paint)

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This painting shows melting Icebergs and an emaciated polar bear on a sinking iceberg. The fiddler on the roof means a lot of things.
I made my fiddler a young girl. Was thinking of young activists like Greta Thurnberg that are worried about climate change and their future and vigorously playing a sad tune for an unstable world to hear. This painting is also similar to my first underwater painting  ‘Ocean’s Symphony’ which was inspired by The Seattle Symphony Orchestra’s award winning ‘Become Ocean’ ,   while listening to this profound post-apocalyptic feeling piece. I visualized several of my future paintings, including this one.
(Conducted by Ludovic Morlot /Composer John Luther Adams. )

Noteworthy, Conductor Jonh Luther Adams, from Alaska,  said, “As I composed ‘Become Ocean’, I had in my mind and my heart this image of the melting of polar ice and the rising of the seas. All life on this Earth emerged from the ocean. If we don’t wake up and pay attention here pretty soon, we human animals may find ourselves once again becoming ocean sooner than we imagine”

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