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Artist Statement

Artist Statement



One of my favorite paintings, ‘Mandolin Rain’ was inspired by a classic Bruce Hornsby and the Range song.  I challenged myself to paint the emotion behind the lyrics. “Listen to the mandolin rain, listen to the music on the lake, listen to my heart break every time she runs away”…  even after I had a clear picture in mind of what I wanted to put on canvas, I didn’t just jump into the paint immediately. I never do that because I paint with my mind and my heart. I spent hours pondering how to paint the emotions of this love storm, the use of bold contrasting light and dark colors and the brush strokes I would use to evoke sensual feelings and heartache .


I believe my “Artist Statement” is simply this; I don’t merely want to capture lifeless images with my paint brush, rather, I aspire to breathe life into my art and gets its blood pumping.


Besides music, I have another favorite Muse that arouses me. The Pacific Northwest. I love all its beaches and how light plays on the water. And when it’s grey skies are full of clouds and rain, and I’m inside feeling melancholy for summer days, that’s when you’ll find me painting up a perfect storm.

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