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What can I do for you?   In addition to being a Fine artist, I have an Artistic Services Business called “Shannon Lee ARTS ” here in Seattle/Lynnwood, WA. and its surrounding areas. I accept commissions, portraits and murals for business or residence. I also do photography work. ie commercial photography/website videos.

Contact me if you’re interested in purchasing any of my paintings, have any questions or are interested in any of my artistic services.



Shannon, a resident of Shoreline, Lynnwood, and surrounding Seattle areas, has lived in Washington state for over 30 years.  It is here she has discovered her Muse, along the shores of the Puget Sound, where she draws inspiration from its scenic beauty.  And in her paintings, can be seen its waters, mountains, islands, ferries, orca whales, wildlife, and even its rainy climate!

Passionate about her art, mostly self-taught, she’s grown as a visual artist with over 30 years’ experience in fine art, murals and photography.  As an avid photographer and nature lover, she’s often outdoors capturing scenes that become visual sources for her paintings. Music is another theme that plays in her paintings as well as her keen interest in the reflective qualities of water. Currently, Shannon’s working on a new series of surrealistic paintings, that combine her two loves of music and ocean, painted in a mixed media of acrylic and reflective metallic paints.

In recent years, her paintings have received the attention of some high-profile personalities and are hanging on walls around the world. In addition to Washington State, they can be found all across the U.S., Canada, Taiwan, and the UK. Noteworthy, one of her paintings, which hangs in a London home, was purchased by a Musician in the band ‘The Who’.  Another highlight was when she received press attention from the owner of Alfie’s pizza chain, in Washington state, who commissioned Shannon for 12 paintings and a mural.  They later spoke appreciatively of her art in an interview for a local newspaper.

Her paintings have been exhibited in Seattle’s Pioneer Square ‘The Heart Gallery’, The ‘Art Room Gallery’ in Lynnwood, and currently at the ‘Stillwater Gallery’ in Whitefish Montana. Some of her local murals can be enjoyed at the Trask building in Everett, WA. and La Quinta Hotel, in Lynnwood, WA.

©2019 Shannon Lee Arts All rights reserved.   My Paintings are all Copyrighted by law, all rights reserved. Please do not reproduce without permission!