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‘Saltwater park at Richmond beach’ -24”x48” - 2020

‘Saltwater park at Richmond beach’ -24”x48” Acrylic on Large Canvas. Shannon’s latest painting is hanging in the Capital building in Olympia WA.

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Currently on display in Senators Jesse Salomon’s office in the Legislative Bldg in Olympia WA. ‘Ocean’s Symphony’ - 2020

Currently on display in Senators Jesse Salomon’s office in the Legislative Bldg in Olympia WA. ‘Ocean’s Symphony’ 36″x48″ acrylic on large canvas. ‘Ocean’s Symphony’, was inspired by several things, including …

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Outdoor Model Train\Railroad Fence Mural - 2019

This mural took my imagination to places I’ve never been. Enjoyed designing/creating a background for this model railroad layout of two Colorado mining towns in the 1917-1920 era. when Cripple …

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‘Fiddler on the Roof’ – 36” x 48” Mixed Medium (metallic and acrylic paint) - 2019

    This painting shows melting Icebergs and an emaciated polar bear on a sinking iceberg. The fiddler on the roof means a lot of things. I made my fiddler a …

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Ocean’s Symphony – 36” x 48” acrylic on canvas. - 2019

This painting and my other newer under water paintings I’m currently working on were inspired by several things … Climate Change and the Native American slogan “Water is Life”…that we …

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Honored to hang paintings in Senator Jesse Salomon’s office in Capital Building in Washington State - 2019

This painting is called “Pond Turtle Basking In the Sun” about a large turtle I saw on Lynnwood’s Lake Stickney in Washington State.  Also the staff chose a few of …

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Currently hanging in Senators Salomons office at the capital in Olympia is my Ferry lights painting. Honored! - 2019

Currently hanging in the Capital Bldg. Edmonds Beach Sand pipers at Edmonds Beach Puget Sound beach and ferry Large painting - 2019

Visit me on Instagram. finally ,put some art up. - 2019

Painting Class was fun. Everyone seemed to enjoy painting there own masterpiece. 2018 - 2019

happy that, today, my painting ‘Bird woman’ found a home at the ‘Stillwater Gallery in Whitefish, Montana. ‘This painting is special to me because its of a place that’s close to my heart on Going-to-the-sun-road. - 2019

Freebird for a musicians cd cover in portland - 2019

Legend of Zelda, Wind Walker, Nursery Mural, 2018 - 2019

2018 Mural White Crane ascending Cherry blossoms decending In a Golden World - 2019

Volunteered to be the Art Docent for 6th graders for a year. This lesson i taught them to see ‘light and dark shadows’ like the old Masters 2017 - 2019

‘Summer Rain’ in the art deco style of Tamara de Lempricka 2017 - 2019

Nice compliment on my mural at La Quinta Hotel in Lynnwood - 2019

WIP. Ocean’s Symphony – Where music meets ocean - 2019

WIP. Under the Rain – Excited about a new Ocean Water Series I’m working on! - 2019


‘Rocket Man’ -song inspired painting series- 36”x24” Acrylic on canvas Available for purchase -$500 - 2016

‘Guinevere’ -song inspired painting series- “36×24” Acrylic on Canvas Available for purchase $500. - 2016

Logo art for winery of waterfall turning into a wine - 2016

Feathered Winds Wine Label - 2016

Bird themed Wine Labels for Idaho’s Thousand Springs Winery - 2016

Wine Labels and Merch for Feathered Winds Wines - 2016

‘Embryonic Journey’ -song inspired painting series- 36”x24” Acrylic painting Available for purchase -$500.00 - 2016


‘Gently Weeps’ -song inspired painting series- “36×24” Acrylic on canvas Available for purchase $500. - 2015

Wine Label Artist Series for Feathered Winds Wine. Idaho Wine - 2015

‘Sunset Avocets’ bird themed art for Idaho’s Feathered Wind Wines - 2015

Golden Eagle - 2015


SOLD – Beatles fishing in Seattle 1964 - 2014

This year on August 23 marks the 50th anniversary of the Beatles playing in Seattle! So as a Tribute, I painted The Beatles Fishing at Seattle’s Edgewater Hotel ..inspired by the …

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Mandolin Rain 36”x 24” Acrylic on canvas, Available - 2014

Mandolin Rain is a 36”x 24” Acrylic Painting inspired by the song, Mandolin Rain, by Bruce Hornsby and the range. I was struck with how sad the story in the lyrics …

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SONG – A Painted Song (36” x 24”) Acrylic Painting - 2014

‘A Tale of Two Ravens’ 24 in x 36in Acrylic Painting on canvas - 2014

Call of the Orca – 36”x24” Acrylic on canvas - 2014

Call of the Orca” 36”x24” mixed media/metalics inspired by a recent experience,while taking a ferry across the Puget Sound and, our boat was halted to let some Orca’s to go …

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Art Room Gallery Video - 2014


Femininity (12×12) ~ original painting (set of 3) - 2013

3 12in x12in  Original acrylic paintings wraped canvases with black painted side, ready to hang  

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Sandpipers, Olympics Large original 36″ x 48″ Acrylic - 2013

I often visit this Edmonds, Wa. beach at low tide, with my 2 children. I tried to capture this beautiful Northwest day,With its Snow capped Olympics, ferry and the sweet …

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Let it rain Series-paintings - 2013

With this  series “Let it rain” I tried  to capture living with rain with a  unique perspective , using in a bold unique grey, black & white graphic style of …

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Celebrate Northwest Series - 2013

Seattle Pier Ferry Reflections Large Original Painting 36″ x 48″ Acrylic - 2013

The glow of a Seattle Ferry at night and the light reflections across the water was captured in this impressionistic styled painting This wa painting on a large 36″ x …

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Crow in a Rain Puddle ~Large Abstract for Sale - 2013

This large abstract is one of my favorite paintings, the photos don’t do it justice. Its really striking in person. The rain puddle reflections have a more white and metalic …

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Going-to-the-sun-road ~ large canvas 36”x48” Acrylic - 2013

Going to the Sun road / Bird woman falls was inspired by my many visits to Glacier National Park, Going -To- The- Sun- Road, Bird woman falls and Montana’s blackfoot …

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Seattle Green lake- SOLD - 2013

“Red Rain” ~ Large Abstract Painting - 2013

This abstract , ‘Red Rain , is really a study in rain drops in  puddles, neon city lights, and the water ripple effect from just a few drops.  Taking me …

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Seattle’s red cup 2 - 2013

Colors of a Dream – Large Canvas Acrylic – set of 3 canvases (Triptych) (3) 24×48 - 2013

Let it rain - 2013

Float plane leap SOLD - 2013

Part of the “Let it rain series” Float plane leap shows a couple doing a flying dance leap while a float plane is landing at Seattle, wa. lake union…in the …

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Lake Union Float Plane ~SOLD - 2013

A Float plane against , a bright orange sunset sky, at Seattle beloved Lake Union Painted  in Acrylic on a medium 30 x 24 wrapped canvas with plainted sides and …

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Reflections of Pioneer Square ~ Large 36″ x 48″ Canvas - 2013

“Reflections  of Pioneer Square”  captures rain drops in a puddle on a Pioneer square sidewalk in front of Seattles Historic Pioneer building (you can see the colorful building  reflected in …

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Sushi Chess - 2013

Notice the Queen (Tuna) has the King (Salmon) in CheckMate! I dont believe there is another painting like this one…out in the universe…haha. It was fun desciding what sushi represents …

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Sailing at Golden Gardens - 2013

Gas Works Park - 2013

Part of the “Let it rain series” This painting show a man happily experiencing Seattle Iconic Gas works park the rain!  I painted this series in my own so-called “graphic …

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Lets get this party started -Sold - 2013

No sugar tonight in my coffee - 2013

Alfies Standwood, Wa. Bar & Grill Restaurant Paintings & Mural ~`10 paintings SOLD - 2013

Searching for Cleopratra ~ painting for sale - 2013

Healing Hands Painting ~for Sale - 2013

Lady sings the blues (Alice Smith) ~painting for sale - 2013

Lady sings the blues was inspired by singer Alice Smith whom reminds me of the late great Billy Holliday.

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Slave to the Music original painting - 2013

Rainy day cafe’ ~SOLD - 2013

Artistic services ~Shannon Lee Arts - 2013

Mural – (Tuscan Themed) Thousand Springs Winery Bed and Breakfast, Hagerman, Idaho 2013 - 2013

Mural – Bamboo Bungelow Bed & Breakfast Seattle Wa. - 2013


Mural at Everett Clinic Trask Bldg. 2012 - 2012

Murals – childrens rooms - 2012

Mural – StarWars theme 2012 - 2012

Mural – Italian bath theme 2012 - 2012


Mural – Charlie’s Mural 2011 - 2011

Seattle Clouds in My Coffee 2011 – SOLD - 2011


Children love Art Too! ( video) - 2010

Italian Ceiling Mural 2010 - 2010

Mural – La Quinta Hotel Lynnwood Underwater Scenes 2010 - 2010


Commissioned Portraits, Paintings, Murals 2009 - 2009