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Under The Rain 36 x 24 Acrylic - 2018


Surf 36 x 24 Acrylic - 2018

20180404_173436 (1)

Ebb & Flow 36 x 24 Acrylic - 2018


Ocean Painting Series - 2018


‘Rocket Man’ -song inspired painting series- 36”x24” Acrylic on canvas Available for purchase -$500 - 2016


‘Guinevere’ -song inspired painting series- “36×24” Acrylic on Canvas Available for purchase $500. - 2016


Logo art for winery of waterfall turning into a wine - 2016


Feathered Winds Wine Label - 2016

DSC08157 - Copy

Bird themed Wine Labels for Idaho’s Thousand Springs Winery - 2016


Wine Labels and Merch for Feathered Winds Wines - 2016


‘Embryonic Journey’ -song inspired painting series- 36”x24” Acrylic painting Available for purchase -$500.00 - 2016

gently weeps

‘Gently Weeps’ -song inspired painting series- “36×24” Acrylic on canvas Available for purchase $500. - 2015

Pond Turtle Basking in the Sun reduced

‘Pond Turtle Basking in the Sun’ - 2015

three wine label comparison

Wine Label Artist Series for Feathered Winds Wine. Idaho Wine - 2015


‘Sunset Avocets’ bird themed art for Idaho’s Feathered Wind Wines - 2015

2015-04-03 15.41.02

Golden Eagle - 2015

Beatles Fishing in Seattle 1964

SOLD – Beatles fishing in Seattle 1964 - 2014

This year on August 23 marks the 50th anniversary of the Beatles playing in Seattle! So as a Tribute, I painted The Beatles Fishing at Seattle’s Edgewater Hotel ..inspired by the …

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Mandolin Rain

Mandolin Rain 36”x 24” Acrylic on canvas, Available - 2014

Mandolin Rain is a 36”x 24” Acrylic Painting inspired by the song, Mandolin Rain, by Bruce Hornsby and the range. I was struck with how sad the story in the lyrics …

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If you could hear the beauty of the Pacific Northwest

SONG – A Painted Song (36” x 24”) Acrylic Painting - 2014

A pair of Ravens in the light of a full moon.

‘A Tale of Two Ravens’ 24 in x 36in Acrylic Painting on canvas - 2014

Call of the Orca

Call of the Orca – 36”x24” Acrylic on canvas - 2014

Call of the Orca” 36”x24” mixed media/metalics inspired by a recent experience,while taking a ferry across the Puget Sound and, our boat was halted to let some Orca’s to go …

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Art Room Gallery Video - 2014

3 stages of Feminity

Femininity (12×12) ~ original painting (set of 3) - 2013

3 12in x12in  Original acrylic paintings wraped canvases with black painted side, ready to hang  

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Sandpipers at Edmonds Beach ~ large canvas for sale

Sandpipers, Olympics Large original 36″ x 48″ Acrylic - 2013

I often visit this Edmonds, Wa. beach at low tide, with my 2 children. I tried to capture this beautiful Northwest day,With its Snow capped Olympics, ferry and the sweet …

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Inspired by this great quote by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow "The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain"-

Let it rain Series-paintings - 2013

With this  series “Let it rain” I tried  to capture living with rain with a  unique perspective , using in a bold unique grey, black & white graphic style of …

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Northwest Celebration Collection

Celebrate Northwest Series - 2013

Seattle pier nights ~ Large canvas for sale

Seattle Pier Ferry Reflections Large Original Painting 36″ x 48″ Acrylic - 2013

The glow of a Seattle Ferry at night and the light reflections across the water was captured in this impressionistic styled painting This wa painting on a large 36″ x …

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Crow in a Rain puddle Large Canvas for sale

Crow in a Rain Puddle ~Large Abstract for Sale - 2013

This large abstract is one of my favorite paintings, the photos don’t do it justice. Its really striking in person. The rain puddle reflections have a more white and metalic …

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Going-to-the-sun-road ~ large canvas 36”x48” Acrylic - 2013

Going to the Sun road / Bird woman falls was inspired by my many visits to Glacier National Park, Going -To- The- Sun- Road, Bird woman falls and Montana’s blackfoot …

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No sugar tonight in my coffee ~ large canvas for sale

Seattle Green lake- SOLD - 2013

Red Rain Large Abstract

“Red Rain” ~ Large Abstract Painting - 2013

This abstract , ‘Red Rain , is really a study in rain drops in  puddles, neon city lights, and the water ripple effect from just a few drops.  Taking me …

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Seattle's Red Cup 2 ~ painting for Sale

Seattle’s red cup 2 - 2013

Colors of a dream ~3 large canvas set for sale

Colors of a Dream – Large Canvas Acrylic – set of 3 canvases (Triptych) (3) 24×48 - 2013

Let it rain ~painting for sale

Let it rain - 2013

float plane leap

Float plane leap SOLD - 2013

Part of the “Let it rain series” Float plane leap shows a couple doing a flying dance leap while a float plane is landing at Seattle, wa. lake union…in the …

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Lake Union Float Plane ~For Sale

Lake Union Float Plane ~SOLD - 2013

A Float plane against , a bright orange sunset sky, at Seattle beloved Lake Union Painted  in Acrylic on a medium 30 x 24 wrapped canvas with plainted sides and …

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Rain Puddle at Pioneer Square

Reflections of Pioneer Square ~ Large 36″ x 48″ Canvas - 2013

“Reflections  of Pioneer Square”  captures rain drops in a puddle on a Pioneer square sidewalk in front of Seattles Historic Pioneer building (you can see the colorful building  reflected in …

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Sushi Chess ~ Large Painting for sale

Sushi Chess - 2013

Notice the Queen (Tuna) has the King (Salmon) in CheckMate! I dont believe there is another painting like this one…out in the universe…haha. It was fun desciding what sushi represents …

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Sailing at Golden Gardens ~painting for sale

Sailing at Golden Gardens - 2013

Gas Works Park ~painting for sale

Gas Works Park - 2013

Part of the “Let it rain series” This painting show a man happily experiencing Seattle Iconic Gas works park the rain!  I painted this series in my own so-called “graphic …

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Lets get this party started -Sold - 2013

No sugar tonight in my coffee ~ large canvas for sale

No sugar tonight in my coffee - 2013

Hanging Ex Large Canvas at Alfies

Alfies Standwood, Wa. Bar & Grill Restaurant Paintings & Mural ~`10 paintings SOLD - 2013

Searching for Cleopratra ~painting for Sale

Searching for Cleopratra ~ painting for sale - 2013

Hesling hands

Healing Hands Painting ~for Sale - 2013

lady sings the blues

Lady sings the blues (Alice Smith) ~painting for sale - 2013

Lady sings the blues was inspired by singer Alice Smith whom reminds me of the late great Billy Holliday.

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Slave to the Music ~Painting for Sale

Slave to the Music original painting - 2013

DSC_0029 - Copy

Rainy day cafe’ ~SOLD - 2013

Artistic services ~Shannon Lee Arts - 2013

Tuscan Themed) Thousand Springs Winery Bed and Breakfast, Hagerman, Idaho 2013

Mural – (Tuscan Themed) Thousand Springs Winery Bed and Breakfast, Hagerman, Idaho 2013 - 2013

Blue Heron entry mural

Mural – Bamboo Bungelow Bed & Breakfast Seattle Wa. - 2013

Trask Surgery Center, everett, wa.

Mural at Everett Clinic Trask Bldg. 2012 - 2012


Murals – childrens rooms - 2012

Starwars themed Mural

Mural – StarWars theme 2012 - 2012


Mural – Italian bath theme 2012 - 2012

pend oreille river inspired mural for a Home on this rivers edge, Their  Dog Charlie loves it here.

Mural – Charlie’s Mural 2011 - 2011

inspired by the Carly Simmion song.

Seattle Clouds in My Coffee 2011 – SOLD - 2011


Children love Art Too! ( video) - 2010

Ceiling mural

Italian Ceiling Mural 2010 - 2010

Underwater Sea Life themed for the Swimming Pool area.of the hotel.

Mural – La Quinta Hotel Lynnwood Underwater Scenes 2010 - 2010

House Portrait  with view of Lake union SOLD

Commissioned Portraits, Paintings, Murals 2009 - 2009